Are any of the Black Christmas movies on Amazon for Christmas 2023?

Photo: Black Christmas.. Image Courtesy Shudder
Photo: Black Christmas.. Image Courtesy Shudder /

There are multiple Black Christmas movies, and they all offer something for horror fans. Where can you watch them in Christmas 2023?

Whether you want to watch the 1974 original movie, or you’re interested in seeing one of the more recent updates to the franchise, the Black Christmas movies are excellent for horror fans. We don’t all want to watch people help Santa save Christmas yet again. We want to see teenagers and college students running for their lives.

The Black Christmas movies tend to follow a group of sorority girls as they end up at the house over the holiday season. They are not alone, though, and as they start to go missing, they learn that there’s a killer in the house.

Are any of the Black Christmas movies on Prime Video in 2023?

There is some bad news to start off this post. You can’t watch any of the horror movies on Prime Video for free with your Prime membership. However, you don’t want to get rid of that membership just yet.

A couple of the movies are available via various Amazon Channels. The 1974 version is available on AMC+ and Shudder. The 2006 version of the story is available on both of those as well as Shout Factory and Screambox. The 2019 version is not on any of the Amazon Channels right now.

Get the Black Christmas movies on Amazon Video

There is another way to get all three of the movies. You can turn your attention to Amazon Instant Video. This is where you buy or rent the movies on Digital, and you can get all three in this format.

When you buy the movies, you’ll get to watch them as often as you want for no extra cost. They are put in your Amazon Library, so you don’t need to worry about where they’ll stream in 2024.

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The Black Christmas movies are available on Amazon Instant Video.