Why is Reacher Season 2 released weekly on Prime Video?

Reacher -- Courtesy of Brooke Palmer/Prime Video
Reacher -- Courtesy of Brooke Palmer/Prime Video /

Just like the first season, Reacher Season 2 is getting a weekly release on Prime Video. Why is this happening with the action series?

It’s almost time for the second season of Reacher. The season premieres on Friday, Dec. 15, but not all eight episodes will drop at once. Just like the first season and many other Amazon shows, this series is getting a weekly release.

The first three episodes will arrive on Friday, Dec. 15. After that, we’ll get one episode per week. Of course, fans now want to understand why that is. After all, streaming platforms made it a habit to release content as a binge-watch, changing the way of watching TV.

Reacher Season 2 is released weekly to help the series succeed

Many streaming platforms have realized that the binge model isn’t really working for shows. Sure, fans love to sit and get through all episodes at once, but it isn’t great for the shows. When The Boys moved to the weekly release schedule, it was at the request of Eric Kripke. He wanted to help keep the show on the minds of fans for longer, and he wanted to make the most of the end-episode cliffhangers to get people talking and need to tune in each week.

It’s working with a lot of shows. There’s more time in the season for fans to learn about the series and start watching it. People have time to break down cliffhangers and theories throughout the season run, just like they would do with network TV. This helps to draw more people in, making sure their views count for the renewal of a show.

This is also good for Amazon, which doesn’t have as much original content as Netflix. Spreading out the episodes allows the streamer to spread out original content, and that’s going to be needed with the 2024 schedule due to the SAG-AFTRA strike slowing down production.

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Reacher Season 2 premieres on Prime Video on Friday, Dec. 15.