Why isn’t Roscoe in Reacher Season 2?

Reacher -- Courtesy of Keri Anderson/Amazon Prime Video
Reacher -- Courtesy of Keri Anderson/Amazon Prime Video /

Very few characters from Reacher Season 1 will be in Reacher Season 2. Roscoe is missing, but why isn’t Willa Fitzgerald coming back?

There are a few faces from the first season of Reacher who will be missing in the second season. Officer Roscoe Conkin in one of those missing faces.

Played by Willa Fitzgerald, she quickly became a fan-favorite character. It was clear Roscoe and Reacher had some chemistry, but in the end, they couldn’t make a relationship work. That didn’t have to be the end of her character, though, did it?

So, why is she one of the missing faces in the series? Why would the show decide not to bring her back?

Reacher Season 2 remains true to the books with Roscoe’s exit

The book series follows Reacher as the main character. He moves from town to town, and there are very few characters who show up in more than one book. Roscoe isn’t in the books after Killing Floor. She and Reacher realize that things won’t work and they end up going their separate ways.

You see, Reacher can’t stay in one place, but Roscoe can. She wants to do what’s right for Margrave, while our titular character needs to focus on saving people everywhere. He is a drifter, and that’s the way he likes things.

The TV series could change things in the future. Maybe Reacher needs Roscoe’s help in another story later on in the series. For now, though, the show opted to stay true to the books. It certainly makes the book fans happy, as they get to see all the other relationships and connections the titular lead makes along his travels.

Fitzgerald always knew that she was only signing on for one season. The exit from the series was expected and amicable.

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Reacher Season 2 premieres on Friday, Dec. 15 on Prime Video.