Reacher Season 2 is coming to Prime Video earlier than expected

Reacher Season 2
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At long last, Reacher is back on our screens. What time can you stream the Reacher Season 2 premiere on Prime Video this week?

It’s taken way longer than we’d like, but one of the most highly anticipated shows of the year is almost here. Reacher Season 2 premieres at the end of this week on Friday, Dec. 15.

This is getting a weekly release schedule. You’ll be able to watch the first three episodes at the end of this week. Then it will be followed up with one episode a week for the rest of the season. You’re used to this with Prime Video now, right?

In some great news, there is going to be a third season of the show. In fact, production has already started!

When will Reacher Season 2 premiere on Prime Video?

The first three episodes will drop on Prime Video on Friday, Dec. 15. The official release time is midnight UK time. This is a global release, which means some excellent news for everyone in North America.

Reacher will arrive at around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Thursday, Dec. 14. Okay, so there isn’t any guarantee that we’ll get this, but we are more likely to see the early drop than we’re not. All the other big releases have some out earlier due to the way time zones work, and yes, that includes the likes of Gen V and Jack Ryan. Prime Video does have the release time listed as 7 p.m. ET on the streamer, which suggests that this is when you can watch episodes each week.

This season is based on the 11th book in the Lee Child series. The first season told us that Reacher was part of a special military branch that was supposed to fail, only it didn’t. However, the team drifted apart, and now Reacher is called back to help them. Members of the team are turning up mysteriously murdered and the remaining members of the unit need to figure out why.

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Reacher is available to stream on Prime Video.