Your Christmas or Mine 2 ending explained: Do James and Hayley stay together?

Your Christmas or Mine 2 -- Courtesy of Colin Hutton/Amazon Studios
Your Christmas or Mine 2 -- Courtesy of Colin Hutton/Amazon Studios /

We see a stark difference in the way the Hughes family and the Taylor family live in Your Christmas or Mine 2. Does it lead to the end of a relationship?

We’d like to say that coming from two opposite ends of the money scale shouldn’t affect a relationship. However, it does. On top of that, expectations in life and the way people grow up also affect the futures of people.

Your Christmas or Mine 2 sees another instance where locations are switched. The Taylors end up at the luxurious resort that the Hughes family was supposed to stay at in the Austrian Alps. Meanwhile, the Hugheses end up at the Taylor family cheap motel. It sets up for a look at the different way the two families live, but does it put a strain on James and Hayley’s relationship?

How do the places get switched in Your Christmas or Mine 2?

The mixup happens at the airport. Somehow, the Taylors and the Hugheses end up in the wrong cars taking them to their locations. The Hugheses’ luggage still ends up at the luxurious resort, though.

It’s a simple mixup, and something that can be sorted out pretty easily. This isn’t the thing that causes the problem for the two young students in love. It’s everything else that happens.

Does James propose to Hayley?

While going through the luggage in the Hughes’s place, Hayley finds an engagement ring. She thinks that it comes from James’s luggage, and tells her dad that her boyfriend is going to propose. Of course, he can’t keep it a secret, and it gets back to James.

At the same time, Hayley learns from Diane that James is going to Los Angeles to the American College of Film, which isn’t something he shared with her. This leads to her second-guessing everything, especially when James ends up proposing with a key ring. Hayley realizes that the luggage she looked through was James’s dad’s luggage.

To make matters worse, Hayley catches James practicing proposing to Beatie. Of course, Hayley thinks that James is going to propose to her and has been cheating on her. If only everyone would talk in these movies!

Hayley asks her mom to leave the vacation and go back home. It’s only on the plane that Hayley opens her gift from James and finds a key and a card. James wants Hayley to move in with him. Hayley tries to get the flight attendant to stop the plane, but is it too late?

Well, James and his family got to the airport in time and manages to prevent the plane from taking off. There’s a beautiful moment where James and Hayley reunite.

How does Your Christmas or Mine 2 end?

It turns out that while James wasn’t going to propose to Hayley at first, he does want to. Well, James’s father hands over the ring that he was going to use for Diane. This ring was James’s mother’s ring. Now it’s time for James to use it on the woman he loves.

Your Christmas or Mine 2 does end with James proposing again. This time Hayley accepts the proposal.

Will we get a third movie to see a Christmas wedding? I’m sure there will be a mixup of venues for that one!

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Your Christmas or Mine 2 is now available to stream on Prime Video.