Your Christmas or Mine 2 age rating: Is the movie suitable for kids?

Your Christmas or Mine 2 -- Courtesy of Colin Hutton/Amazon Studios
Your Christmas or Mine 2 -- Courtesy of Colin Hutton/Amazon Studios /

This weekend is going to be filled with Christmas movies to check out. Is Your Christmas or Mine 2 something to watch with the kids around?

If you loved Your Christmas or Mine in 2022, you’ll be excited to hear that there’s a sequel coming out. That’s happening this weekend, along with some other great Christmas movies.

Your Christmas or Mine 2 sees James and Hayley head to the Austrian Alps with their families for Christmas. James’s dad wants everyone to meet his American girlfriend, and Hayley’s dad decides to take over handling the accommodations. Of course, things go wrong with where they’re all staying, just like in the first movie.

We know that Merry Little Batman is dropping this weekend too, and that is for children. What about Your Christmas or Mine 2, though? Is this something to put on when the kids go to bed?

Your Christmas or Mine 2 age rating

The movie doesn’t have an official age rating just yet, but we can look at the first movie to get an idea. This was a PG-13 movie, which means that it’s suitable for the majority of ages. There are some suggestive comments and moments, but they’ll fly over the head of the younger children.

The movie itself is pretty mild in language, nudity, and gore. It’s a quite Christmas movie that is sure to make a lot of people laugh. It’s not all that fun for the younger children, though. It’s for the teenagers in the house.

We’re expecting much of the same things for Your Christmas and Mine 2. It’s probably going to be PG-13 material, but it’s the teenagers who will appreciate the story more than the younger members of the household.

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Your Christmas or Mine 2 is on Prime Video on Friday, Dec. 8.