The Boys Season 4 teaser gives us a look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character

The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

Amazon has unveiled The Boys Season 4 teaser trailer. It gives us a look at the mayhem in the season and a look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character. Is he a Supe or a vigilante?

There’s a lot that we know about The Boys Season 4 already. Some of this is based on the events in the Gen V Season 1 finale. We know the fourth season will pick up months after the events on the college campus, which saw Homelander come in not to save the day in the way the good Supes hoped he would.

Butcher knows about the Supe virus that was created. What will he do with that knowledge? Well, that’s not something The Boys Season 4 teaser trailer tells us, although it’s clear that Butcher is facing mortality.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character in The Boys Season 4

When Jeffrey Dean Morgan was announced as a recurring character on the series, Eric Kripke kept the role a secret. That’s still partly the case. The one thing we do get to see is which side he’s probably on in the fight.

There’s a clip where Morgan’s character shakes hands with Butcher. It’s clear the two are friendly (at least, as friendly as Butcher can be with anyone) and Morgan’s character isn’t afraid to say what he thinks about the name for the vigilante group.

As for the group, Butcher is no longer the leader. That’s Starlight, who has the support of a lot of people. It’s Starlight against Homelander by the looks of things for the fourth season, but Starlight won’t like the mayhem and fighting that happens under her name. Homelander is enjoying every second of the chaos.

Take a look at The Boys Season 4 teaser trailer:

There’s still a full trailer to come before the show’s release sometime in 2024.

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The Boys is available to stream on Prime Video.