Is The Christmas Chronicles on Amazon for Christmas 2023?

THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES - Credit: Michael Gibson/Netflix
THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES - Credit: Michael Gibson/Netflix /

Santa needs helps from a couple of kids to get Christmas back on track in The Christmas Chronicles. Can you stream it on Amazon this year?

It’s that time of year again. It’s all about the Christmas movies, and some of them involve helping Santa save Christmas. The Christmas Chronicles is a fun and upbeat movie with music that you can definitely get behind. This is one for the whole family to enjoy.

Now it’s all about where you can stream the movie online. Is this one that you’ll need your Prime Video subscription for? Will there be another way to watch it on Amazon?

Is The Christmas Chronicles on Prime Video for Christmas 2023?

We start off with some bad news. This is not a Santa movie that is available to stream on Prime Video with your Prime membership.

This is a Netflix Original Movie. It means there is only one place to watch the movie online. You’ll need to get a Netflix subscription. You can follow on with the sequel, which sees Goldie Hawn as Santa’s wife, Mrs. Claus.

Is The Christmas Chronicles on Amazon Video in 2023?

Of course, a lot of movies are still available on Amazon in another way. It’s all about getting the movies on Digital via Amazon Instant Video. This is where we have more bad news.

As a Netflix Original Movie, it hasn’t been released on Digital. It’s highly unlikely that this will happen in the future. After all, this takes too many people away from the streamer, and with so many streamers and the recent SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes changing everything for the platforms, it’s unlikely that Netflix would want to encourage people to avoid its platform.

Nor is the movie on DVD and Blu-ray. The odd Netflix release does get a DVD release, but we’re not expecting it with this one. It’s a 2018 movie and would have been released by now if that was going to happen.

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The Christmas Chronicles is only available to stream on Netflix.