Is Trolls Band Together on Amazon?

Trolls World Tour, photo courtesy Universal Pictures
Trolls World Tour, photo courtesy Universal Pictures /

The third Trolls movie is finally out in theaters, and you’ll want to take the kids to see it. Where will you be able to watch Trolls Band Together online?

The kids are sure to drag you to the movies this weekend. It’s all about the third Trolls movie, and as parents, we definitely want to see it. Even if you don’t have kids, you’ll want to head to theaters for this one for the NSYNC reunion you didn’t know you needed.

In this third movie, Poppy learns that Branch was part of her favorite boyband, along with her four brothers. Now one of those brothers is kidnapped, and Branch and Poppy will need to team up to reunite the other brothers and save Floyd. Floyd’s fate is much worse than pop culture obscurity.

Is Trolls Band Together on Prime Video?

Don’t expect to see this movie come to Prime Video in the near future. However, it could arrive some time in a few years.

It’s a Universal Pictures movie, which means that it is going to Peacock first. While the live-action Universal movies have then gone to Prime Video, the animated ones, like The Super Mario Bros. Movie, have gone to Netflix. That’s where we expect Trolls 3 to head.

Is Trolls 3 on Amazon Video?

The good news is you will be able to watch the movie on Amazon Instant Video. This is where you can buy or rent the movies. They’re added to your Amazon Library, so you can watch whenever you want.

It took just over a month for The Super Mario Bros. Movie to head to Digital after its theatrical run, so that’s what we’re expecting here. You should be able to buy or rent it before Christmas.

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Trolls Band Together is currently out in theaters.