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Gen V Season 2 is happening, but we have a wait on our hands. This is a series definitely not to expect in 2023, but will we get it in 2024?

A lot happened in the very first season of Gen V. We already had an idea of what to expect based on the way The Boys played out for three seasons, but this show brought us a new generation and a lot more questionable actions by Vought.

The cliffhanger ending certainly brought us some questions while pushing us into the fourth season of The Boys. Now we’re ready to see more of Gen V, but that’s going to take time. It’s not going to arrive in 2023, but when could we see it?

Gen V Season 2 probably won’t arrive in 2024

I wouldn’t expect it in 2024, either. We know that The Boys Season 4 is heading to Prime Video in 2024. While that doesn’t completely rule out the spin-off series, it doesn’t make sense for Amazon to release two shows in the same universe in the same year until it gets things back on track after the recent strike action.

The length of time that it takes for a series like this to film and get through post-production is also a factor in getting Gen V back next year. It’s going to take at least a year to get through filming and post-production. Assuming filming even starts up before the end of 2023, we’re still looking at 2025 as a release date. It’s highly unlikely that filming can start up right away.

Amazon will be focused on its 2024 plan right now. That will mean getting productions that were put on hold getting back to filming. Then the focus can be on new productions, especially those that were only just renewed.

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Gen V is available to stream on Prime Video.