Will Upload be renewed for Season 4? (Will Upload be canceled?)

Robbie Amell (Nathan), Owen Daniels (A.I. Guy)
Robbie Amell (Nathan), Owen Daniels (A.I. Guy) /

Upload Season 3 has come to an end with a major cliffhanger. Will we get answers to our burning questions? Will Upload Season 4 happen?

Just like previous seasons of Upload, the third season brought us a major cliffhanger. We know that one of the Nathans has been destroyed. Well, that’s what we’re being told. The illegal duplicates had to be deleted, which means one Nathan is gone.

Now the question is which Nathan? And then we have to ask what it means for Nora and Ingrid after this. Of course, now we need a fourth season of the series.

Amazon hasn’t officially confirmed Upload‘s renewal just yet. What are the chances of that renewal?

Upload Season 4 looks promising

In an interview with TVLine, showrunner Greg Daniels talked about the cliffhanger and the chances of renewal. He shared that he doesn’t understand why Amazon doesn’t just share the news. That suggests that this series is in line for being renewed, but Amazon is going through its usual processes before announcing the decision to the fans.

Daniels did keep things quiet about a potential Season 4. This could be because it’s not been confirmed yet, but we know the writers tend to map things out for another season. We also know that Daniels isn’t finished with this show. He will map out to the end when he realizes that it is time to bring it to a close.

There’s a good chance that Daniels isn’t sharing anything because he doesn’t want to spoil. It’s also likely that the writers haven’t planned anything out yet, especially with all the strike action, so it’s better to keep quiet and only talk about the most recent season.

One thing that does seem likely is a renewal. That’s the way Daniels seems to be talking, anyway. Now we just need to make sure the viewing numbers were good enough so Amazon renews it. This is an expensive show to produce.

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Upload is available to stream on Prime Video.