Gen V Season 2 is not coming to Prime Video in November 2023

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Gen V Season 1 has come to a shocking end. When can we expect to see Gen V Season 2 to bring us answers after the major cliffhanger?

We have just seen the Gen V Season 1 finale, which brought us some surprising and shocking twists. Just as we thought Homelander could do something good for the world, he made the choice to turn on the good guys. That really shouldn’t have been that surprising.

Now we need to see what comes next. We know that Gen V Season 2 is going to happen. The bad news is we don’t get to see it just yet. The question is when we will see it. Could the season arrive in 2024?

When could Gen V Season 2 premiere on Prime Video?

We don’t have a premiere date for the season just yet, but we may want to rule out 2024. We know that The Boys Season 4 is arriving in 2024, and we also know that shows like this take months to film and get through post-production.

The WGA strike only came to an end back in October. However, the SAG-AFTRA strike went on until this month. There’s a chance that work on the season didn’t start until a decision was made on the actors strike. Writing work could have started, but there’s no way there’s anything available to film just yet.

It will take a good year to get through filming and post-production, possibly more. We’re likely looking at a 2025 release date, which would make a lot of sense considering 2024 is when The Boys will bring its fourth season. Amazon will want to space out its content in this universe as there can be long breaks between seasons.

We also know that Amazon had its 2024 plan before renewing Gen V and that it was working on its 2025 schedule. That would suggest the second season is coming in 2025.

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Gen V is available to stream on Prime Video.