Is Priscilla on Amazon?

Priscilla movie on A24
Priscilla movie on A24 /

You know about Elvis Presley, but what about Priscilla? It’s time to learn more about her life in the latest biopic, but where can you stream it online?

We just recently had a great biopic about Elvis Presley. While it did offer a little about his ex-wife, Priscilla, it didn’t tell that whole story. Now it’s time to learn more about the teenager love interest of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Priscilla is currently out in theaters. It follows how a teenage girl met Elvis and how sparks flew. The two meet at a party and this teenager has an idea of the man she’s about to get entangled with. However, he becomes a very different person behind closed doors. What does that mean for this teenager?

Is Priscilla on Prime Video?

There is no doubt that you’ll want to check out the movie as soon as it’s available to stream. It’s hard to say which streaming platform this one will go to. There is a chance that it will head to Prime Video.

It’s an A24 movie, and this studio doesn’t have an exclusive deal with a particular streaming platform. We have seen plenty of A24 movies head to Amazon’s streamer. We have also seen them end up on Netflix and Max in the past.

Is Priscilla on Amazon Video?

There will be another way to watch the movie online, though. It’ll be all about the digital release, which you will be able to get on Amazon Video.

When you buy movies on Digital, it’s like buying on DVD. You get to keep the movie and watch over and over again. There’s no need to worry about which streaming platform it will go to in the future. Priscilla will head to Digital at some point within the next three months or so.

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Priscilla is currently out in theaters.