Is What Happens Later on Amazon?

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David Duchovny and Meg Ryan star in the latest movie to hit theaters, What Happens Later. Where can you stream the movie after theaters?

We get a very typical romantic comedy trope in theaters this weekend. What happens when two ex-lovers are put in the same airport together? What happens when they’re snowed in? Will sparks reignite?

We see it all the time, right? Well, this time, we see David Duchovny and Meg Ryan take on the top as Bill and Willa. They still can’t stand each other, but they are also still attracted to each other. When they’re snowed in at the airport in What Happens Later, they end up unpacking everything that happened in the past an compare the dreams that they once had for their lives together.

Are they in a place where things could work out now? That’s something they need to decide while they wait for their flights.

Is What Happens Later on Prime Video?

Eyes are on where the rom-com will head to stream after theaters. Could it be on Prime Video?

This is something that we can’t answer outright. This is a Bleecker Street movie, and we have seen some of those movies head to Prime Video at first in the past. We’ve also seen the movies head to other streaming platforms, so we’ll need to keep an eye on this one.

Is What Happens Later on Amazon Video?

What we can say is that we’ll get to watch it on Amazon in another way. It’s all about Amazon Instant Video. The movie has been released in theaters, and that means it will get a digital release. You’ll be able to buy or rent it on Amazon Instant Video. This is separate from Prime Video.

When you buy the movie, you’re getting the digital copy added straight to your Amazon Library. You can watch it whenever you want without paying for a subscription for as long as you have your Amazon account.

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What Happens Later is currently out in theaters.