Good Omens Season 4 is not likely to happen

David Tennant (Crowley), Michael Sheen (Aziraphale)
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Neil Gaiman likes to keep his fans updated about his projects. So, it’s not surprising there are updates about Good Omens Season 4. It’s just not the news that we would love to hear.

We love to see more and more of our favorite shows. We’re still waiting for Good Omens Season 3 to be confirmed, but eyes are already on the future after that. Sadly, Neil Gaiman has some bad news for fans who will want more after the third season.

Keep in mind that Amazon hasn’t even confirmed Good Omens Season 3, but it does look like it’s going to happen. It also looks like it will be written as the final season.

Will Good Omens Season 4 happen at Prime Video?

We don’t really like to say “never” when it comes to renewals. After all, this series was originally brought to us as a limited series. So, we didn’t even expect to see a second season. Then things changed, and the story ended with a cliffhanger that made it clear a third season would be needed.

What about after this? We have some disappointing news. Gaiman took to Tumblr to answer some fan questions, which is certainly not out of the ordinary for the author. He made it clear that there wouldn’t be a Good Omens Season 4.

When talking about the third season, it did look like the intention was to wrap things up with that season. This news about new Season 4 isn’t that surprising then.

To be honest, ending a series on a high is the best way to go. Creators should want to end a show when fans still want more, rather than dragging it out to the point where a large part of the fanbase leaves or gets annoyed.

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Good Omens is available to stream on Prime Video.