Is The Exorcist on Amazon for Halloween 2023?

The Exorcist. Image Courtesy Shudder
The Exorcist. Image Courtesy Shudder /

With the sequel out, there’s no doubt that The Exorcist is on your mind. Where will you be able to stream it for Halloween 2023?

With The Exorcist: Believer out in theaters, there is no doubt that you want to head back to the original. The 1973 movie set the tone for supernatural horrors. In fact, it set the tone so well that it was banned. Now that has changed, and there are a few ways to watch it.

The movie follows the story of a young woman possessed by a dangerous demon. The priest does everything he can to save the girl and rid the world of the demon, but can he succeed?

Is The Exorcist on Prime Video for Halloween 2023?

There is some bad news to get started. This is not a movie that is available to stream on Prime Video for free with your Prime membership. That doesn’t mean you’ll want to get rid of Prime right away, though.

This movie is available to stream on Max right now. This is one of the Amazon Channels options, making it more than worth looking at to keep everything in one place.

Is The Exorcist on Amazon Video?

Of course, the big question now is whether you really want to look for where the movie is streaming each and every year for Halloween. It’s going to change platforms as it’s not an original for any place. You need to get the movie on Digital instead.

The good news is you can get the 1973 movie on Digital via Amazon Instant Video. When you buy the movie, it will be added to your library for as long as you have your Amazon account. You can also get it on DVD if you want a quick way to watch the movie when you don’t have an internet connection.

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The Exorcist is available to stream on Max.