Is The Purge on Amazon for Halloween 2023?

THE PURGE -- "7:10 AM" Episode 210 -- Pictured: Ethan Hawke as James Sandin -- (Photo by: USA Network)
THE PURGE -- "7:10 AM" Episode 210 -- Pictured: Ethan Hawke as James Sandin -- (Photo by: USA Network) /

There are some great horrors and thrillers out there to watch at Halloween, and The Purge is one of them. Where can you stream it in 2023?

With Halloween just around the corner, you’re likely looking for movies to check out. The Purge is a great thrill, especially the first one. There are multiple movies in the franchise and the TV series. However, it’s all about where it first started.

The first movie is mostly set within a house. We see a family get ready for Purge Night, which is a night where everything is legal, including murder. While some people will go out and take advantage of that, others will remain locked in their homes. However, one member of the family allows someone to seek refuge in the house, and that leads to the neighbors looking for a way in.

Is The Purge on Prime Video for Halloween 2023?

Eyes are on where to stream the movie. We do start with some bad news, and that’s that The Purge is not on Prime Video right now. That doesn’t mean it never will be, but that you can’t stream it with your Prime membership just yet.

In fact, it’s not on any streaming platform that we can find. You’ll need to watch the movie in another way.

Is The Purge on Amazon Video?

The other option is to watch the movie on Digital. That means you need to buy or rent it via Amazon Instant Video. When you buy the movie, it will be added to your Amazon Library, which is where it will remain for as long as you have your Amazon account.

You can get the movie on Digital via Amazon Video. You can also buy it on DVD and Blu-ray if you want a permanent copy of it in your home.

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The Purge is available to buy or rent on Amazon Instant Video.