How many episodes are in Upload Season 3?

Robbie Amell (Nathan)
Robbie Amell (Nathan) /

Upload Season 3 is coming to Prime Video at the end of the week. Just how many episodes will be in this season, and when will the finale air?

Eyes are on the new season of Upload. We’ve waited patiently for the story to continue, especially with the cliffhanger we were given at the end of the second season. The promo makes it clear that we’re getting two Nathans, but just how long for? What could happen with two Nathans around?

We need to wait to find out on Friday, Oct. 20. However, this isn’t a binge-watch release. Amazon has opted for a weekly release for the series, giving us something to anticipate for a while.

Of course, that means we really want to know how many episodes are in this season. This is a show that hasn’t been consistent with episode count, but will the third season match either of the previous ones?

Upload Season 3 episode count

This is where we have some bad news. It’s not the same as either the first or second season of the series. However, Upload Season 3 will have more episodes on the second season.

The third season has eight episodes. We’ll get two episodes per week, which means four weeks of new content to get through. The episodes are sure to be worth the wait as we find out what everyone is up to, whether there’s a way to stop the plan for the free digital world, and how Nora and Nathan can deal with everything that’s going on.

The finale will air on Friday, Nov. 10. That means it will likely drop on Thursday, Nov. 9 for those in North America thanks to time zones.

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Upload Season 3 premieres on Friday, Oct. 20 on Prime Video.