Will Amazon save The Afterparty?

The Afterparty season 2 on Apple TV+
The Afterparty season 2 on Apple TV+ /

Apple TV+ has opted to cancel The Afterparty after just two seasons. Could Amazon step in to save the comedy murder series?

If you love murder mysteries and you like lighthearted shows, you’ll want to check out The Afterparty on Apple TV+. The series is an anthology show that has just been canceled after two seasons.

In a way, it being an anthology series is a good thing. However, there were some great storylines and we’d love to see more of what’s to come. Is there a chance that we’ll see the show get saved by another streaming platform? Could Amazon step in to save the day?

Will Amazon pick up The Afterparty?

There is a little bit of good news that came with the cancellation. The show is being shopped around, according to Deadline. This opens the door for another network to take on the series, so it’s not like everyone involved is done with the show.

Could Amazon step in? This is going to be tricky to do. The streaming shows tend to have some strict rules in the contracts for when and how they can stream on other networks. We’ve seen other streaming shows canceled and be unavailable to Amazon and others because of the contracts.

It’s also going to depend on whether Amazon sees the show as viable or not right now. Apple TV+ may not reveal all the viewing data, which could make it difficult. Amazon won’t want to take on a show that didn’t perform all that well, as it ends up costing more to creating than is gained back from it.

Plus, this type of series isn’t something that we typically see on Amazon. The most recent one has been The Horror of Dolores Roach. So, Amazon could decide that this isn’t something that’s worth taking the risk on.

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The Afterparty is available to stream on Apple TV+.