Can you watch the Saw movies on Amazon?

Tobin Bell ("Jigsaw/John") stars in Liongate Home Entertainment's SAW V
Tobin Bell ("Jigsaw/John") stars in Liongate Home Entertainment's SAW V /

Saw X is out in theaters, but you’ll likely want to catch the previous movies again first. Where can you watch the Saw movies online?

The Saw franchise is getting bigger. The latest movie in the franchisee is out, and this one is set during the events of the first and second movie. Of course, that means looking at watching them again.

Really, you only need to watch the first movie to remember the initial events. You need to know who Jigsaw is. However, it could be worth watching the subsequent movies, especially the sixth one, which focuses on the failings in the health care system and the life insurance industry. Are the movies on Prime Video?

The Saw movies are not on Prime Video

There is some bad news to start with. You can’t watch the movies on Prime Video with your Amazon Prime membership. However, keep your Prime membership active.

You can watch the first four, sixth, and seventh movies in the franchise on STARZ. Eventually, the fifth movie is heading to the platform too. The good news here is that you can get STARZ via Amazon Channels, keeping everything in one place. This is also where Saw X is likely to head in a few months.

The eighth movie, Jigsaw, is on MGM+. Again, you can get this via Amazon Channels.

Get the Saw movies on Amazon Video

You can always keep the viewing simple. After all, we know this franchise likely hasn’t come to an end, so you’ll want to watch the movies again. Well, it’s time to turn your attention to Amazon Instant Video. You can get all the movies this way.

You’ll be able to buy or rent the movie, which will add it to your Amazon Library. When you buy, you can watch the movies over and over again. And yes, the 10th movie will be released in this way.

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