Gen V age rating: Is The Boys spin-off series suitable for kids?

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Gen V Season 1 premieres at the end of the week, and you’ll want to watch the episodes right away. Is this something to watch with the kids around, or wait for them to go to bed?

You know all about Gen X and Gen Z in the real world. Millennials are Gen Y, although very rarely called that. Well, now it’s time for another generation. It’s all about Gen V.

This is the generation in the world of The Boys that has been injected with Compound V. We know this turns people into Supes, and there have been a fair few uses of it over the decades. Those who become Supes aren’t the nicest of people in most cases, but where does that entitlement and attitude come from?

We’re about to find out. The Boys universe brings us a college-set series. You’ll want to dive into Gen V right away, but is it something that will be suitable for the kids? You’ll probably want to send them to bed first.

What is the Gen V age rating?

While there isn’t an official age rating released just yet, we’re expecting a TV-MA rating. This will match The Boys, and there’s no reason for the spin-off not to match that. Why would Eric Kripke want to downgrade something that has been a huge success? It’s not like Amazon would force Kripke to make a show more kid-friendly. This isn’t broadcast!

This will mean the series isn’t suitable for children. There’s a lot of nudity, swearing, violence, gore, and more. You just have to look at the first episode of The Boys to see what the series is like and why it’s not suitable for younger children. Wait for them to go to bed.

Of course, they’re your children. It’s up to you if you let them watch it but be prepared for questions if you do.

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Gen V premieres on Prime Video on Friday, Sept. 29.