How many episodes are in Gen V Season 1?

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Gen V Season 1 is almost here. Are you ready to reenter the world of The Boys? Of course, you are. How many episodes will you get in this new series?

While we’re still waiting for The Boys Season 4, we do get another show in the same universe. It’s time to see how college students deal with their powers. Of course, there are some who will want to do good in the world, while others think they’re everything because of their abilities.

The series is set during and after the events of The Boys Season 3. That means you’ll want to get caught up on the original series unless you don’t mind some spoilers of how that season ended. Of course, that season dropped last year, so you’ve watched it already, right?

With Gen V, we’ll get a weekly release. Knowing the number of episodes isn’t just important to know how long we’ll get with the characters, but also to know when the finale will air so that we can binge-watch the whole season.

Gen V Season 1 episode count

Just like The BoysGen V Season 1 will have eight episodes. This is pretty standard for Amazon shows now. It allows for the story to remain focused on the main arc and prevents the need for a lot of filler content. There is still enough time for character development, and we end up being left wanting more—and that’s the way TV shows should want it.

The first three episodes will drop at once on Friday, Sept. 29. That’s also pretty standard for these weekly releases. Just look at how The Wheel of Time and The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart were released recently. After that, each episode will drop weekly. With eight episodes, the finale will air on Friday, Nov. 3.

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Gen V Season 1 premieres on Friday, Sept. 29 on Prime Video.