Why is Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Prime Video pushed to 2024?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith -- Courtesy of David Lee/Prime Video
Mr. and Mrs. Smith -- Courtesy of David Lee/Prime Video /

Mr. and Mrs. Smith was supposed to premiere in November 2023 on Prime Video. It’s now being pushed to 2024, but why is that?

We are ready for the Prime Video retelling of the 2005 movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It will star Donald Glover and Maya Erksine as two strangers who end up falling in love. They both have secrets, though. It turns out that they are both assassins for hire.

The new series is going to change the set-up of the marriage, though. In the movie, they end up  getting the order to kill each other. In the series, the two will choose to give up their own identities to live as partners for the sake of their work. They will face multiple missions of espionage, which will lead to them learning more about each other.

Of course, the cracks in their “marriage” start to show. They’ll need to fight if they want to stay together. Divorce is not an option.

Why is Mr. and Mrs. Smith pushed to 2024?

The series was originally set to arrive in November 2023. That’s not the case anymore. TVLine reports that the series will now air in 2024.

Why? Amazon hasn’t given a reason, but it’s likely linked to the current strike action. There is a chance that the post-production work hadn’t finished in time before the strike action, and now it’s getting too close to the wire to complete it once the strike comes to an end.

There’s also a chance that Amazon is reworking its 2023 schedule because it needs to rework its 2024 schedule. We know Amazon doesn’t want to change the 2025 schedule, which is why The Peripheral and A League of Their Own were canceled, but it will still need content for 2024. It’s easier to push some end-of-2023 content to the new year than hope that the strike ends soon to get other fresh content.

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith will arrive “early 2024” on Prime Video.