Is Love at First Sight on Amazon?

Airports are full of strangers, and you’re unlikely to find love. However, that’s just what happens in Love at First Sight.

Hadley and Oliver are heading to London from New York together. There is an instant attraction, and they decide that they want to be together after it all. However, it looks like life has other plans for them.

Once they’re at customs, they are separated. Now they need to figure out if there’s a way they can find each other again. Will The Fates intervene, or are they lost to each other forever? Maybe couples who meet and fall in love should switch numbers immediately instead of putting it all down to serendipity.

Is Love at First Sight on Prime Video?

Now you’ll want to know where you can stream this movie. After all, it is not being released in theaters. It’s also not going to be on Prime Video.

This is a Netflix Original Movie, and you know what that means. The only place to stream Love at First Sight online is on Netflix. That’s the way it’s likely to be, as Netflix isn’t showing signs of what Max and Disney+ have done in removing content.

Is Love at First Sight on Amazon Video?

We see a lot of movies come out on Digital. This allows us to drop the streaming platforms and pay just once for the movies we enjoy. We can get them from Amazon Instant Video and add them to your Amazon Libraries for as long as we have our accounts. Is that going to be the case with this romantic movie?

Sadly not. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll see this movie get a Digital release. It doesn’t make sense for streaming platforms to make it easy for people to ditch the streaming subscriptions.

Love at First Sight is only available on Netflix.