Wilderness finale ending explained: What exactly did Liv do?

Wilderness -- Courtesy of Stefania Rosini/Prime Video
Wilderness -- Courtesy of Stefania Rosini/Prime Video /

It looked like Liv was going to kill her husband, Will, while they vacationed together. What actually happened in Wilderness, and how did it end?

The trailer for Wilderness made it look like Liv was going to kill her husband. Or maybe she was just thinking about it. She was a scorned woman after finding out that her husband betrayed her with another woman.

Well, Liv wasn’t really going after him. Not in the way that we thought she was. Instead, she was pinning another murder on him, but would she get away with it? Just what happened throughout this twisty series?

Wilderness ending explained: Did Liv get away with murder?

At first, Liv wanted to leave Will. She wanted a divorce, but he wouldn’t grant her it. What stops her from leaving? Well, it goes back to the murder in the wilderness.

It turns out that Cara, who Will had the affair with, was the victim. Liv had worked it all out, and she managed to find a way to get rid of the affair partner. And honest, as a scorned woman, I was on Liv’s side the whole way. I wanted her to get away with murder and pin it on her adulterous husband.

Did she get away with it, though? There was the complication of Garth, who Liv had told the police was controlling. Will was out cold when Liv killed him in their home. It was all thanks to the detective reminding Liv of the “castle doctrine,” which allows homeowners to kill someone they think is attacking them in their own home that Liv was able to get away with that one. It was all in self-defense.

The plan continued for Liv. In a stroke of genius, Liv is able to get the video she originally found of Will and Cara together. She sends that video to the police anonymously, so that when the two head to the airport to return to England, the police are there waiting for them. Liv plays the shocked wife extremely well, pretending that she had no idea about the affair. That keeps suspicion from her.

The police also know that the jacket Cara was wearing when she was pushed off the cliff was Will’s. Everything is stacking up against the man, and Liv is not there to catch him.

Will knows that it was Liv. While in prison, he asks to see her and warns her that his family has money and they will get to the bottom of it. Liv decides to play the pregnancy card, knowing that Will won’t want the mother of his child going to prison.

And so, Liv gets away with murder by framing her husband.

However, it turns out that Liv didn’t actually mean to kill Cara. Remember, she was wearing Will’s jacket. Liv thought it was Will, and he really was the one she wanted to kill on the cliff. Killing Cara just turned out to be a little more poetic.

The very end of the series sees Liv head back to the spot where she killed Cara. A man turns up and warns her that she’s close to the edge. Liv turns on him and scolds him. He doesn’t know her mind.

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