Is Wilderness based on a book?

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Jenna Coleman takes on the role of a woman scorned by her husband in Wilderness. Is the new Amazon series based on a book?

Sometimes, you need to watch who you cross. That’s certainly the case for Will in Wilderness. When he has an affair, his wife decides to unknowingly put him to the test. If he fails the three tests that she has set out for him, he could end up losing more than just his marriage.

What will Liv do? What happens if Will doesn’t prove that he’s fully devoted to his wife? You’ll need to watch the series to find out.

Of course, first, you’ll want to know if there is any source material for this story. Is it another series based on a book?

Wilderness by B.E. Jones is the inspiration

It turns out that this series is another one adapted from a book. The novel is Wilderness by B.E. Jones, and it follows the story of Liv, who finds out her husband is having an affair. She decides to book them a once-in-a-lifetime trip, that really could turn out to be the last trip Will ever takes. After all, the middle of nowhere is the perfect place for an accident.

The novel was published in June 2021, and it has 320 pages. This is a great read before the series drops. Of course, you may want to see the show first before you get all the plot lines from the books. After all, there tends to be changes here and there because what works in the book medium doesn’t work in the visual medium.

It’s a great read for suspense and psychological thriller fans. Now it’s time to see how well the adaptation works.

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Wilderness is on Prime Video on Friday, Sept. 15.