What time is A Million Miles Away on Prime Video?

A Million Miles Away is an inspirational story based on truth about a migrant farm worker who pushes to head to space. What time can you watch the movie?

A lot of people have a dream of going to space. Not everyone has the skills or abilities, while others just don’t have the drive and determination to succeed. Jose Hernandez was rejected from the space program multiple times, and each time, he felt like giving up. But how can you give up on such a dream?

Instead, he focused on changing to match those who did get picked. He improved his skills, and he focused on offering the space program something that it needed at the time. That all led to him eventually being chosen as the first migrant farm worker to make it to space.

A Million Miles Away is a look at that journey. It’s a story of perseverance and tenacity, with Michael Peña taking on the role with so much heart that he helps you connect to the story even more.

When is A Million Miles Away on Prime Video?

The movie drops on Prime Video on Friday, Sept. 15. This is a global original release, which means some good news for those in North America.

The official release time is midnight UK time. There is a great chance that the movie will come out on Thursday, Sept. 14. Look out for it at around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. While there is no guarantee of this happening, we see it a lot more than we don’t. If it’s not there early, though, it will be there by midnight local.

A Million Miles Away is coming to Prime Video on Friday, Sept. 15.