Is The Nun 2 on Amazon?

The Nun 2 in cinemas Sept. 8, 2023
The Nun 2 in cinemas Sept. 8, 2023 /

The Nun 2 is now out in theaters, but this is one to watch at home. Where will you be able to stream The Nun sequel online?

Sister Irene’s fight against evil is not over. She is called in to help when a priest is murdered, and she will come across a supernatural entity that she was sure was gone before.

This time it’s 1956 France. Can Sister Irene protect the world and save her own life as she battles this supernatural evil?

Of course, you can head to theaters to watch the movie right now. You’ll also want to be able to watch it at home. Can you stream the movie with your Amazon account?

Is The Nun 2 on Prime Video?

There is some bad news to start. This is not a movie that will come to Prime Video for free with your Prime membership.

It’s a Warner Bros. movie, which means that it is going to Max as its first streaming home. Max is back on Amazon Channels, though, so you’ll be able to add the channel to your Prime Video account for an extra amount each month—it’s the same amount you’d pay to get Max directly but without the glitchy interface.

Is The Nun 2 on Amazon Video?

What about the other way to watch on Amazon? It’s all about the Digital release on Amazon Instant Video. There is some great news about this release. It is sure to head to Digital at some point in the future. Warner Bros. sends all its theatrically released movies to Digital within a few months.

The great thing about this is that you pay once and you can watch over and over again. The movie will be added to your Amazon Library for as long as you have your Amazon account. There’s no need for a Max or Prime Video subscription.

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The Nun 2 is now out in theaters.