Is White Bird on Amazon?

Ariella Glaser as Sara in White Bird: A Wonder Story. Photo Credit: Larry Horricks
Ariella Glaser as Sara in White Bird: A Wonder Story. Photo Credit: Larry Horricks /

There are a lot of movies set during World War II, and White Bird is the latest release. Where will you be able to stream it online?

We can’t let history disappear. Stories of the lives of the horrors of the past need to keep coming out so that we’re not doomed to repeat it all. That’s why there are so many movies about the Holocaust to help prevent the deniers from gaining too much of a voice.

White Bird is now out in theaters to watch. It follows Julian, who struggles with belonging ever since being expelled from his former school. Julian’s grandmother has a story to tell him to help him figure things out. She shares the story of her time in Nazi-occupied France, where a boy shelters her from mortal danger.

We get a story of humanity, as the boy’s mother risks everything to protect this young girl. There were many who didn’t agree with the treatment of the Jews, and they risked their own lives to save people from likely death.

Is White Bird on Prime Video?

While you can see the movie in theaters, you will want to watch it at home. This means knowing where it is streaming online. Will this movie come to Prime Video?

It’s unlikely to head to Prime Video right away. This is a Lionsgate movie, and the first streaming home is STARZ. The good news is you can get STARZ via Amazon Channels, so there will be a way to keep the release in one place.

Is White Bird on Amazon Video?

There is another way to watch movies on Amazon. You can buy and rent movies on Amazon Instant Video. When you buy them, they will be added to your Amazon Library for as long as you have your Amazon account. You only pay once to watch whenever you want. There is no need for a subscription to anywhere.

White Bird will head to Digital in the future. We’ll share when once we know a little more.

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White Bird is currently out in theaters.