Is Who Is Erin Carter? on Amazon?

Who is Erin Carter? Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Who is Erin Carter? Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Who is Erin Carter? That’s the big question for the new TV series. Well, that and where to stream the new series. Will it be on Amazon?

There’s a new show arriving tomorrow. Who Is Erin Carter? is an eight-part thriller starring Evin Ahmed. It follows Erin, a teacher living in Spain who seems like an everyday woman. All that changes when she finds herself in the middle of a robbery at her local supermarket.

It turns out that the robbers recognize her. Why would they recognize her? What does her past really look like? It’s all about to unravel, and we’re certainly here to see just who she really is.

Is Who Is Erin Carter? on Prime Video?

Of course, now you need to know where you can go to watch the series. Will this be something to watch on Prime Video with your Prime membership? We have some terrible news.

It’s not on the Amazon streamer. Who Is Erin Carter? is a Netflix series. The only place to stream it is on Netflix, and that’s likely the way it will stay. There’s no need for Netflix and Amazon to share content right now.

Is Who Is Erin Carter? on Amazon Video?

What about a release on Digital? This would allow you to buy the episodes. This part isn’t clear.

Usually, we don’t see Netflix shows released on Digital, but there are the odd exceptions. That’s usually the case for certain studios, such as with Left Bank productions and Warner Bros. productions.

Who Is Erin Carter? is a Left Bank Productions series, which suggests that it could get some sort of physical release. It may not be released on Digital, but we could see it released on DVD and Blu-ray similar to The Crown and The Last Kingdom.

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Who Is Erin Carter? is on Netflix from Thursday, Aug. 24.