Which book is Silo on Apple TV+ based on?

Silo on Apple TV+.
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You’ve binged all of Silo Season 1 on Apple TV+. Now the wait for Season 2 is on. You can help to ease the wait by reading the books the series is based on.

Do you feel like you’ve seen the story of Silo before? Like so many other shows and movies, this series is based on a book. In fact, there is a whole book series by Hugh Howey. As we wait for the second season, it’s worth checking out the books.

Now, there are some changes to the storyline. That’s standard for a series, as show writers put their own marks on the storyline. The books also delve into a lot more of the world that Howey created when he first wrote the first book.

Which book series is Silo based on?

If you look for Silo, you won’t find a book with that name. The series is actually based on a book series that starts with the book Wool.

The novel had an interesting development. It was originally self-published as a novella by Hugh Howey. As his book gained popularity, he added more to the story. It’s unusual for self-published authors to then end up with book deals, but that happened here. Howey signed a print-only deal with Simon and Schuster in the U.S. and Canada. There are also international rights for those outside of the two countries.

Wool‘s first novella follows Sheriff Holston’s story and then introduces us to Juliette. Over the course of the other four novellas that make up the first Wool story, we see a world where murder happens when secrets threaten to come out or when the fate of the whole silo is put at risk.

While the series finishes with Juliette walking outside and finding other silos, the book delves into a lot more. I’ll leave you to read the series to see what Juliette sees and how her story develops. There is also a lot more about Bernard and the secrets he’s hiding.

The second book, Shift, is actually a prequel series for a lot of it. You get the opportunity to find out what happened to the world. Then there is the continuation of Juliette’s story after the events of the first book. If you want to immerse yourself more into the world of Silo, you need the whole trilogy.

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Silo is available to stream on Apple TV+.