Is Oppenheimer on Amazon?

Oppenheimer in theaters July 21, 2023© Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Oppenheimer in theaters July 21, 2023© Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. /

Oppenheimer is currently out in theaters, but it will head to a streaming platform near you in the future. Will that platform be Amazon?

J. Robert Oppenheimer changed the course of war for everyone back in 1942. He created the atomic bomb, which was eventually used to bring an end to World War II. His bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, bringing an end to the Japanese front of the war.

What was the lead up to the use of the bombs? Was the man all that happy that his weapons ended up killing thousands of innocent people? This is something that the latest historical movie looks into, and it’s more than worth the watch in theaters.

Is Oppenheimer on Prime Video?

Of course, you’ll want to stream it at home, too. The bad news is that Prime Video is not going to be the first streaming home for the movie.

This is a Universal Pictures movie. The first streaming home is Peacock. Other Universal Pictures movies have headed to Prime Video afterward. However, it’s worth pointing out that The Super Mario Bros. Movie is heading to Netflix instead of Prime Video. It’s possible that this is linked to an animation deal, but we’ll need to keep an eye out for releases.

Is Oppenheimer on Amazon Video?

While the movie may not head to Prime Video right away, there will be another way to watch it on Amazon. It’s all about the Digital release on Amazon Instant Video.

This could be in as little as three weeks, but some other Universal Pictures movies have taken six weeks to head to Digital. It’s hard to say what will happen with Oppenheimer as it is usually all about the theatrical ticket sales.

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Oppenheimer is currently out in theaters.