Jack Ryan series finale explained: How did the show end?

John Krasinski (Jack Ryan)
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The fourth season of Jack Ryan has come to an end. That means the end of the series. How did the Jack Ryan series finale wrap things up?

After four years, we’re saying goodbye to John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan. At least, that’s the official statement. The Amazon series is coming to an end, but it does seem like some doors are being left open.

This season saw Jack as the acting deputy director of the CIA. He needed to take down a conspiracy within the CIA that would see the set up of something called The Triad. The idea was to smuggle illicit materials around the world to get them into the United States. The whole thing combined the drug cartels with the official agencies.

Jack teamed up with Jim Greer, Mike November, and Domingo Chavez to prevent the conspiracy from happening. They didn’t stop everything from leaving Myanmar, so they headed back to the U.S./Mexico border to stop everything from there.

What happened in the Jack Ryan series finale?

Of course, it’s a series finale, which led to the question of whether everyone would survive. What would be the big scene at the end, and how would this series wrap?

There were plenty of moles working against Team Ryan throughout the season. By the time we got to Episode 5 of the season, all our favorite characters were working together to save the world. What they didn’t realize was that Zeyara Lemos was the one behind everything. The latest distraction for the team was Lemos arranging for Cathy (Jack’s girlfriend) to be kidnapped. That meant that Lemos could trigger the weapons.

Cathy escapes, so Chavez and Jack head to see Chao Fah in Myanmar. Sadly, Fah ends up shot in his garden as he goes to get the soft bunny toy he got for his daughter. There are still five bombs by the end of the penultimate episode, and Mike and Chavez are wounded in a shoot-out that sees Jack captured.

Greer captures Bill Tuttle, but he refuses to talk in the Jack Ryan series finale. Jack also refuses to talk while he’s being electrocuted in Myanmar.  Mike acquires a Thailand Air Force plane while Chavez saves Jack. As that happens, Cathy realizes that the bunny Fah went back for had a hidden USB drive.

Back in the States, Elizabeth Wright becomes the deputy of the CIA and captures Ade Osoji. He promises to give up Jack’s location if he gets immunity. That’s okay; Chavez gets to Jack and kills Lemos. Of course, Lemos wasn’t the one in charge.

Everyone, once back in the States, learn that Tom Miller was behind it all. Tuttle finally starts talking, and Team Ryan is able to bring an end to the conspiracy. That’s not without Jack proving that Senator Henshaw signed things into law that would allow the bombs into the country for donations.

There is a fun moment at the end where Cathy and others point out that the President of the U.S. will want Jack to run for office. That’s not something that Jack wants, and we end the Jack Ryan series finale with some humor—and all the good guys alive!

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