Has Undone been unofficially canceled by Amazon?

Undone Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Undone Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

We’ve waited more than a year to hear any sort of news about Undone. Has the Amazon series been canceled, or is there still hope?

There were still a lot of questions at the end of Undone Season 2. One of those was still whether Alma’s abilities were real or not. Was everything in her mind, or had she managed to change time?

We need a third season to get more of the answers. On top of that, we’d love a third season for the brilliant storytelling and beautiful graphics. This is a series like no other when it comes to the way the animation has been done.

So, what is the verdict? It’s been since April 2022 since the second season dropped on the streaming platform. Amazon has been very quiet about it since. Does that mean the series has been unofficially canceled?

Is Undone Season 3 happening at Prime Video?

Amazon hasn’t confirmed whether the series has been canceled or renewed. This is somewhat unusual for the network. We haven’t had many Amazon shows quietly canceled. If they’ve been canceled, Amazon has made that clear. The only other two shows that come to mind are Homecoming and Modern Love.

So, it could suggest that there are still talks going on about the future of the series. This happened with The Terminal List. It looked like the Chris Pratt series was going to be canceled after silence for so long, but it was just that talks were happening behind the scenes.

Something that will stop Undone right now is the writers strike. While Amazon could make an official decision right now, work wouldn’t be able to start (if it hasn’t already).

Of course, the longer Amazon leaves a show, the less likely a new season is going to be a success. We just have to look at how bad the pandemic has been for a few shows, such as Hunters and The WildsUndone could be another casualty of that. While no news is often good news, that’s not the case here, especially without a lot of noise on social media about the previous two seasons.

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Undone is available to stream on Prime Video.