Jack Ryan Season 4 age rating: Is the series suitable for children?

Jack Ryan Season 3 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Jack Ryan Season 3 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

You want to binge-watch the first two episodes of Jack Ryan Season 4 at the end of the week. Do you need to wait for the kids to go to bed?

There is no doubt that you’re ready to see how Jack Ryan ends. While the fourth season is released weekly, you’ll still want to watch the episodes as soon as they’re available. The great thing about global releases is that they often drop the evening before the official release date.

That means we’re expecting the first two episodes of the season on Thursday, June 29. The question now is whether you’ll get to watch them tonight or if you’ll need to wait for the kids to go to bed. It all depends on the age of your kids and the type of shows they’re used to.

Jack Ryan Season 4 age rating

Jack Ryan is a show with an inconsistent age rating here in Canada. The first and third seasons were 16+ and the second season was 18+. The fourth season is set to be 18+, too.

However, in the U.S., it looks like the seasons have remained at TV-MA. This is potentially because there is nothing between TV-14 and TV-MA. So technically, the show is for 18+ but some 16-year-olds may be okay with the content.

There is some violence in a series like this. It’s an action series, after all. There is also some language and nudity. However, there is nothing on the level of The Boys when it comes to gore and language or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel when it comes to language. Older teens will probably love to watch Jack Ryan with you.

As for younger children, it’s going to be up to you as a parent. It’s worth watching previous seasons to get an idea of what we’ve seen in the past to see if this is a show for your kids.

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Jack Ryan is available to stream on Prime Video.