DVD releases this week: Evil Dead Rise and more

Evil Dead Rise - Courtesy SXSW
Evil Dead Rise - Courtesy SXSW /

It’s a relatively quiet week when it comes to DVD releases, but it’s all about quality. Get ready for Evil Dead Rise and more.

There is no doubt that June has been a great month for DVD releases. John Wick: Chapter 4, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and Avatar: The Way of the Water have been among the list of releases.

The last week of the month is on the quiet side. If you love horror, you’ll love one of the reasons. It’s all about Evil Dead Rise. This is the latest in the Evil Dead franchise. While it got some mixed reviews, it’s worth adding to your collection if you like to keep things complete.

Johnny & Clyde, The Tank, and more

You know the story of Bonnie and Clyde, but now it’s time for a modern-day twist. Megan Fox and Avan Jogia star in this release that sees two young lovers turn into serial killers.

As the two head off on a crime spree, they try to remain a step ahead of the law. One night, they decide it’s time to rob a casino, only to find out that they are way over their heads. The crime boss that owns the casino has a demonic slayer to protect her casino and now Johnny and Clyde are in for some trouble.

If you want a horror that isn’t part of a franchise, you’ll want to check out The Tank. It is set in 1978 and follows two friends who inherit a coastal property. This property has been abandoned and never mentioned by the mother.

You know in a horror movie there’s a reason the property has never been mentioned. It’s not for a good reason. Well, Ben and Jules are about to find out why that was.

All the DVD releases happening this week

  • Big George Foreman
  • Evil Dead Rise
  • Johnny & Clyde
  • The Tank

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