What is My Fault about?

My Fault -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
My Fault -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

My Fault is now on Prime Video. Is it going to be worth the watch? You’ll want to get an idea of what it’s about before you decide.

If you’re in the mood for another romance movie, you’ll want to turn your attention to Amazon right now. My Fault is now streaming on Prime Video. It’s known as Culpa Mía in parts of the world, with the title coming straight from the book by Mercedes Ron that the movie is based on.

In fact, the book is the first in a trilogy. That suggests there will be more of these movies coming in future years.

My Fault synopsis: What is Culpa Mía about?

The movie follows 17-year-old Noah, who is forced to leave her friends, her school, and her boyfriend when her mother marries a rich man. They move into this rich man’s house, and the troubles really begin. Noah does not get along with her new stepbrother Nick.

That’s probably for some sound reasons. While Nick pretends to be the model son, he is actually involved in a lot of fights, gambling, and some illegal car racing. It’s everything Noah wants to get away from, but everything that she’s pulled into.

Just as you would expect from a romance movie, the unlikable traits become those that Noah is drawn to. In fact, they both find themselves drawn to one another, falling madly in love in secret. With both of them having such turbulent pasts, can they figure out how to make it work—and is it worth it when the secrets come out?

The book itself has people on either side of the fence when it comes to reviews. You’ll want to check out the book and the movie for yourself to see if it’s a trilogy worth investing in.

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My Fault is now streaming on Prime Video.