How many episodes are in With Love Season 2?

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With Love Season 2 is coming to Prime Video this week. How many episodes will be in this season, and which holidays will they cover?

There isn’t much longer left to wait for With Love Season 2. The series will drop at the end of the week, and we’re getting a binge-watch. Yes, while Amazon is releasing a lot of other TV shows weekly, this series will arrive the same way that the first season did.

We have one big question from the Season 1 finale: Who is proposing? It’s clear that there is a wedding happening this year, but we still have no idea who is getting married. My money is on Sol and Miles, but there is a chance Henry and Jorge Jr. are going to take the next step.

We’ll get to find out soon. Now we want to know how many episodes there will be to the season. How many holidays and events will we get?

With Love Season 2 episode count

The first season had five episodes. Would the second season follow the same pattern? Well, no.

Amazon is treating us to an extra event for the character. We’ll get six episodes in the second season, and we can’t wait.

There are some traditional holidays in the season. We’ll get to see the couples on Christmas Eve and we’ll see a Thanksgiving celebration, but there are other big events to mark during With Love Season 2. Lily turns 30, there’s a bachelor party, and yes, there’s an engagement party. There’s even a wedding, although we just have no idea whose wedding it is.

All six episodes will drop at the same time. Expect another big cliffhanger toward the end of the season as there is hope that this show will be picked up for a third season. It’s certainly needed.

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With Love Season 2 premieres on Prime Video on Friday, June 2.