Which holidays are included in With Love Season 2?

Pictured (L-R): Emeraude Toubia (Lily Diaz), Desmond Chiam (Nick Zhao)
Pictured (L-R): Emeraude Toubia (Lily Diaz), Desmond Chiam (Nick Zhao) /

With Love Season 2 will be here tonight, and it drops as a binge-watch. Which holidays will be included in the episodes this season?

With Love Season 1 brought us a slightly different style of storytelling. Instead of offering us a full season that covered a small time period to see character development as it happens, the series opted to focus on five holidays over the course of the year. We got to see the characters grow in snippets, whether it was seeing their relationships blossom or come to an end.

The second season is almost here, and it’s going to follow the same format. We’ll get six holidays and special occasions this time. With each one, we’ll see the characters go through their relationships and lives; meeting parents, choosing love interests, and more.

Which holidays should we expect this year? Here’s everything you need to know about With Love Season 2.

With Love Season 2 holidays

There are two traditional holidays covered during the season. It’s not clear which order they’ll pop up in, but they are big events for families of many cultures.

We’ll see Christmas Eve, which is sure to be a big family event. Likewise, we’ll see Thanksgiving happen. It’s possible that Thanksgiving will come first out of the two as the first season ended with New Year’s Eve.

With Love Season 2 big events

The other four episodes will cover big events. We’ll get to see an engagement party, which is huge considering the way the first season ended. We found out that someone took the family ring to get engaged, but which one? With the second season focusing on Lily choosing between Santiago and Nick, it’s probably not her. That leaves us with Jorge and Henry or Sol and Miles getting engaged.

Then there’s a bachelor party. That doesn’t rule out Sol and Miles. After all, Lily is going to the bachelor party in Las Vegas.

We’ll also get Lily’s 30th birthday and the final event will be the wedding. This could be a spoiler, but I don’t suspect it will be. After all, we could see the engaged couple break up and another couple take the wedding day.

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With Love Season 2 premieres on Friday, June 2 on Prime Video.