Citadel Season 1 finale: Did Mason get his memories back?

Richard Madden as Mason Kane
Richard Madden as Mason Kane /

Bernard first turned to Mason to deal with Manticore, but his memory vial was damaged in the series premiere. Did he get his memories back in the Citadel Season 1 finale?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers for the Citadel Season 1 finale.

When Mason’s vial with the code to get his memories back broke in the Citadel series premiere, there were questions of whether he would ever get his memories back or not. Was it possible to find another way around getting the memories back?

Well there was. Bernard had Carter make a backup server with Mason’s DNA. This was turned into a vial that Mason could use if he wanted his memories back. With everything that had happened so far, would he choose to walk away from the life completely or get all those memories back?

Did Mason get his memories back in Citadel?

With a second season now officially confirmed, was it really that much of a surprise to see Mason get his memories back? It didn’t really matter what he’d been through up to this point. He wanted to know who he was.

Wouldn’t you want your memories back in the same situation? It was clear that he still had some muscle memory, and there was clearly some flashes of Nadia suggesting how strong their connection was, but he had no idea who his parents were, where he came from, or who he really was. He’d just become this Kyle person.

Now he remembers everything. He knew about his daughter but decided not to go see Asha. He decided that Nadia decided that he couldn’t be Asha’s father, and he decided to respect that wish. That didn’t stop him from betraying Citadel in the end, though. What does that betrayal mean moving forward?

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