Is The Clearing on Amazon?

There’s a new crime series coming to streaming called The Clearing. Where can you watch it online, and will it come to Digital?

If you love psychological thrillers, you’ll certainly want to check out The Clearing. It stars Teresa Palmer from A Discovery of Witches as a woman who used to be a member of The Kindred, a female-led cult that lives in the forest.

In fact, The Kindred is based on a real cult. The series itself is based on J.P. Pomare’s book of the same name. It all starts with a local girl going missing and leads to a local woman remembering her past. Now she needs to stop the demons of her past while trying to protect innocent children in the area.

Is The Clearing on Prime Video?

There is some bad news to start off the post. If you want to stream The Clearing, it’s not going to be on Prime Video.

This is a Hulu Original Series. The only place to stream it is on that platform. There is talk of Hulu and Disney+ combining by the end of the year, so it will end up on whatever the single platform is. However, it’s still not likely to head to Prime Video. There’s no need for Disney and Amazon to share content.

Is The Clearing on Amazon Video?

Amazon Instant Video offers another way to stream content on the platform. You can buy shows on Digital and add them to your Amazon Library. You only pay once, and you don’t need to worry about which streaming platform it will go to.

There is a chance that this series will head to Digital. We see some Hulu shows get a Digital and a DVD release, but this is usually due to the studios behind it. We’ll keep an eye on what the plan is for the Teresa Palmer series.

The Clearing premieres on Hulu on Wednesday, May 24.