When will Good Omens Season 2 premiere on Prime Video?

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The Good Omens Season 2 premiere date has finally been revealed. Get ready for a summer of fun. And take a look at the fantastic way the date was revealed.

If you’re a fan of Good Omens and The Hillywood Show, you will have certainly been excited about the latest parody. It was all about Crowley and Aziraphale as they attempted to stop the apocalypse. Well, it turns out they got way more than they bargained for.

Neil Gaiman came into the parody with a special offer: the Good Omens Season 2 premiere date. Oh yes, really! Fans who watched the parody in full were treated to the date long before anyone else got to mention it.

Good Omens Season 2 premiere date

We knew that we were going to have to wait until the summer for the release, but we didn’t know when. Well, the date has finally been revealed.

The six-episode season will arrive on Friday, July 28. It looks like this is going to be a full binge-watch release just like the first season.

Very few details are known about what the second season is going to entail. After all, there isn’t a book to work with this time. The sequel is based on a book sequel that was in the works before Sir Terry Pratchett’s death. That was something Gaiman said he wasn’t originally going to work on, and I guess the book itself is still unfinished. There were some elements of the second book pulled into the first season, such as Gabriel, and now more is being used for the second season of the Amazon series.

Liz Carr, Quelin Sepulveda, and Shelley Conn are joining the season. We know that some of the cast from the first season won’t return, but we will see Michael Sheen and David Tennant back in action.

Take a look at the parody below:

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Good Omens Season 2 will premiere on Friday, July 28 on Prime Video.