With Love Season 2 release date, trailer, synopsis, and more

With Love -- Courtesy of Kevin Estrada/Amazon Prime Video
With Love -- Courtesy of Kevin Estrada/Amazon Prime Video /

We’re more than ready for With Love Season 2, and we have some exciting news about the season. We know when it will arrive and what to expect.

Are you ready for Lily, Jorge, Sol, and more to return? Of course you are. You want to know which of the three couples in the series is getting engaged. We are very close to finding out.

We also get an idea of what to expect this season. The first season focused on five holidays throughout the year, bringing much-needed representation to marginalized communities around these holidays. Which holidays will be used this time, and what are the ups and downs in relationships that we’ll get to experience?

With Love Season 2 release date

There isn’t too long to wait for the newest episodes. We’ll see the second season drop on Friday, June 2.

It looks like all episodes are going to drop at once again. This is the way the first season worked, and the binge-watch released worked so well for this series.

With Love Season 2 trailer

The trailer for the season has finally been released. It gives us a look at where the characters are in their relationships, but it does not share who is engaged—or even if any of them are engaged!

With Love Season 2 synopsis

This season is going to be focused on five big events for the friends and family. One of those is a wedding, so it does suggest that the engagement is happening. We’ll need to wait for the first episode to find out which couple is tying the knot. Of course, we don’t know if the couple that gets engaged is the couple that actually gets married.

The other holidays and events are: Christmas Eve, an engagement party, a bachelor party, Lily’s 30th birthday and Thanksgiving. So, it looks like there will be six episodes this season.

There are other life events to watch, too. We’ll see Lily move out of her brother’s place and back in with her parents. All she wants is to start her own business, but that isn’t as easy as she thought it would be.

Then there’s Jorge who will need to figure out his relationship with Henry after he meets Henry’s parents. It turns out he doesn’t like Henry’s parents, and he’s not sure what that means for their relationship.

We’ll also get a little more of Lily and Jorge’s aunt, who is happily single. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have some kinks and a sexual appetite, and we’ll get to see some positivity around that lifestyle in the series.

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With Love Season 2 is coming to Prime Video on Friday, June 2.