Air age rating: Is the movie suitable for kids?

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Air has had a short theatrical run and now it’s heading to Prime Video. Is Air suitable for kids? Here’s a look at the Air age rating to get an idea.

If you didn’t see the Amazon movie in theaters, you’ll be excited to watch it on Prime Video. Even if you did see it in theaters, you likely want to watch the story once more.

This is a story about how a shoe company and a rookie NBA star teamed up to become big names in their worlds. And they did it because they both took a chance on each other. After all, Nike and Michael Jordan are well known now, but they weren’t when they originally started working together. And it wasn’t easy for them both to break out without each other.

Now you’ll need to know if the movie is something to watch with the kids. Should you wait for them to go to bed, or is this a piece of history that they can tune in to watch?

Air age rating: Why is the movie rated R?

The official Air age rating is set as an R. Yes, really!

It turns out that the age rating is set due to the profanity within the movie. There isn’t much in the way of nudity and violence. It’s all about the language, which is why some countries have a much lower age rating.

So, this is all about what you want for your children. If you’re not bothered by bad language, the movie is likely something to watch with the kids around. If you want to try to protect their ears, then you’ll want to give it a miss. This is something only you can decide for your own children.

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Air is on Prime Video on Friday, May 12.