How do the electricity abilities develop in The Power?

The Power -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Power -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

We’ve watched the women of the world develop the ability to control electricity in The Power. Why did some women get the ability before others?

During The Power, we’ve watched women slowly gain the ability to control electricity. Allie, Roxy, and Jos were among the first to get their abilities, but slowly every woman in the world has found that she can control the power. Not all want it, but they all have it.

This is a genetic thing. It turns out that the ability is formed from an organ found close to the chest in between the collar bones. Some girls saw their abilities develop naturally, while others had it passed onto them to awaken the organ. It looks like Mother Nature is ready for women to be in control of the world.

Why did some develop the ability first in The Power?

Allie was one of the first to get the ability, although she didn’t really understand the feeling of it at first. She used it to protect herself from her foster father, who was sexually abusing her.

We then saw Roxy develop it after an argument after her father, and os developed it while stalking her mom on social media. Each of the girls had feelings of anger flowing through them, which seems to be the main way to awaken the power.

However, anxiety or fear seems to trigger it too. The young girl on the plane was scared when she ended up using her power accidentally. This is when we found out that the ability could be passed onto others. Women around the world realized that this was possible, and they started making sure their friends could all use their abilities.

It’s not just women, either. Intersex people can also develop the ability. Jos’s friend showed that making it clear that it has something to do with the X-chromosome.

Teenagers seem to have been affected first. This could be linked to the hormones surging through the bodies at this stage of life.

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