Is Bosch: Legacy renewed for Season 3?

Bosch Season 7 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Bosch Season 7 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Amazon has already made a decision about Bosch: Legacy‘s future. Will there be a third season, or is it already canceled for something else?

Bosch fans were certainly shocked and disappointed when Amazon canceled the original series after seven seasons. Then we learned that it wasn’t the end of the story. Amazon’s free streaming platform, IMDb TV (now Freevee), would pick up a spin-off.

This spin-off focuses on Harry as a private investigator and his daughter Maddie as a rookie cop. It was great fun watching the first season of Bosch: Legacy play out, and it didn’t take long for a renewal to come through. Will Season 2 be the end of the story, though?

Bosch: Legacy Season 3 is officially happening at Freevee

It is definitely not the end. Amazon confirmed that Bosch: Legacy has been renewed for a third season. The best thing is that this isn’t promoted as a “final” season, so it looks like there are plans for more should everyone be on board and the viewers keep tuning in.

This is well ahead of the Season 2 premiere, which shows that the series is still popular. The first season premiered in May 2022, and the second season isn’t set to arrive until fall.

Season 2 will pick up off the back of the first season. Maddie has been kidnapped and Harry will do everything he can to find her. TVLine reports that Harry will also work with Chandler to find a serial killer who is also on the hunt for the two of them. Who will find who first? And can Harry get to Maddie in time?

We don’t have details of the third season. That’s not surprising as we don’t know if Season 2 will have a cliffhanger to work with. Nobody will want to give away spoilers, will they?

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Bosch: Legacy is available to stream on Freevee in the U.S. and UK and on Prime Video elsewhere.