Is The Last Thing He Told Me based on a book?

The Last Thing He Told Me has premiered on Apple TV+, but you may feel like you already know the story. Is this a series based on a book?

Sometimes, you start watching a TV show and you feel like you’ve seen the story before. Then there are times you just look at the title and you know you’ve heard it in the past. A lot of times, this is because a book has been adapted into a TV show or movie.

Then there are times that you want to know if there is source material. You want to see how it ends in the story, and you want to see the changes that have been made in the adaptation.

Is that the case with Apple TV+’s latest release, The Last Thing He Told Me? Is the series based on a book?

The Last Thing He Told Me book

Yes, this series was originally a book. Laura Dave wrote the novel of the same name, and it didn’t take long for the book to be optioned and crafted into a TV series. With the twists and turns in the novel, this is certainly worthy of a TV series and not a movie adaptation.

It does mean that the series is a limited series. There isn’t a sequel to the story. We get a complete ending, and that’s what we should get with the TV series. The series is billed as a limited series to help us feel like the full story is going to be told.

Dave’s novel is a great read. If you love thrillers where you think you know what’s going on only to find out there’s some huge twist at the end, this is one that you’ll want to pick up.

The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave is available to buy on Amazon.