When is Evil Dead Rise coming to DVD and Blu-ray

Evil Dead Rise - Courtesy SXSW
Evil Dead Rise - Courtesy SXSW /

The latest installment in the Evil Dead franchise is now out in theaters. When will you be able to add Evil Dead Rise to your DVD collection?

Fans of the Evil Dead franchise will be excited to head back to theaters. The fifth movie installment is now out, and it promises to be just as good as all the others.

This movie follows two estranged sisters, Beth and Ellie. Ellie is trying to raise three children on her own in a small apartment in LA, and Beth decides to turn up for a visit. Their reunion is cut short when they find a book hidden somewhere in the depths of Ellie’s building. This unleashes a flesh-possessing demon and threatens everyone’s life.

There is no doubt that you’ll want to add this to your DVD collection, whether you’re heading to theaters or not. When will you be able to do that?

Evil Dead Rise DVD release date predictions

There isn’t a DVD release date just yet. That’s not surprising when you consider it is only just out in theaters. So, we need to look at movies from the same production studio—Warner Bros.

We’ll look at Magic Mike’s Last Dance and Shazam! Fury of the Gods for this as both are fairly recent releases. It’s taking about two months for Warner Bros. to release movies on DVD and Blu-ray, so with that in mind, we’re looking at around Tuesday, June 20, or Tuesday, June 27 as the Evil Dead Rise DVD release date.

What about a Digital release? That is usually much sooner. It’s only been taking a couple of weeks for Warner Bros. to bring movies out on Digital, which suggests a Tuesday, May 2 or Tuesday, May 9 release date for this horror movie.

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Evil Dead Rise is currently out in theaters.