Is Dead Ringers a miniseries? (Will Dead Ringers be renewed?)

Dead Ringers -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Dead Ringers -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Dead Ringers is coming to Prime Video tonight. Of course, you’ll want to get an idea of how it could end. Will we have a cliffhanger, or is this a miniseries?

All eyes are on the rebooted series Dead Ringers. Rachel Weisz takes on the roles Jeremy Irons had in the 1988 movie. She is both Elliot and Beverly Mantel, gynecologists who aren’t necessarily working in the best interests of the women they treat.

They run a top clinic to help infertile women, but it leads to some questionable tactics. The two are involved in unethical treatments and tests on the infertile women.

There are many twists and turns along the way in the movie. We’ll have to wait and see if those same twists and turns continue in the new version, or whether there are other changes based on the genderswap.

Will Dead Ringers be renewed for Season 2?

Of course, going into it, people are worried that the story will end on a cliffhanger that is never resolved. The TV landscape is changing, and there are a lot of great shows canceled after just a few short seasons. They always end with cliffhangers. Just look at the way The Wilds ended and was then abruptly canceled.

There is a little bit of good news when it comes to Dead Ringers. The series has been billed as a limited series. It has only been written with one season in mind, which means the ending should be the end. There shouldn’t be a cliffhanger as there were no plans to continue the story.

Of course, for those who end up enjoying the show, there is some bad news. It means there won’t be a second season to keep the story going.

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Dead Ringers will drop in full on Prime Video on Friday, April 21.