Dead Ringers age rating: Is the Amazon series suitable for kids?

Dead Ringers - Courtesy Amazon Prime Video
Dead Ringers - Courtesy Amazon Prime Video /

The Amazon series Dead Ringers is available to stream on Prime Video at the end of the week. Is this one to watch once the kids go to bed?

Since the announcement of the series, there have been a lot of people looking forward to it. Sure, the quality of the original movie starring Jeremy Irons doesn’t live up to the capabilities of today, but the movie itself is still popular. The TV series is sure to have a similar following.

Now you just need to know if it’s something to watch on your own. After all, the drop is likely to happen on Thursday evening in North America, which means the kids will likely be up when you want to watch it. Should you wait for them to go to bed?

Dead Ringers age rating

The official age rating for the Rachel Weisz series is TV-MA. This is the same as an R-rated movie, which means that it’s not made with those under 18 in mind.

Does this mean that your children can’t watch it? It will depend on the age and maturity of your children. If you have 17-year-olds who are close to 18, you’ll likely make an exception. If you have children under 13, it’s not really going to be for them.

This is a movie that will have a lot of profanity and graphic scenes in it. Weisz’s two characters perform unethical treatments on infertile women. Things will go wrong, and there are likely to be some topics that will cause concern and questions for younger viewers.

The best thing I can suggest is that you spend time watching the episodes yourself. You’ll then be able to determine if this is something for your children. I can say now that it won’t be something my two will be watching.

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Dead Ringers is coming to Prime Video on Friday, April 21.